At Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we understand that helping clients gain a great return on their leaflet distribution investment is key to both their & our success. We have therefore invested heavily in time & technology to develop a unique system to aid demographic targeting in Leicester of potential responders. However attractive a client's proposition is, failure to ensure that the recipient of the leaflets are inclined to respond can result in a disappointing uptake on what is on offer. It is therefore essential before a single leaflet goes through a letterbox to identify & target the right audience to maximise the effectiveness of marketing budgets. Our demographic data & mapping services is the first step in helping clients generate substantial new business.

Below are just some examples of the sort of data we can provide to users of our leaflet & sample distribution services:

  • Wealth
  • Mean Age
  • Concentration of social housing
  • Concentration of privately owned housing.
  • Percentage of households with children
  • Ethnic background of residents
  • Average earnings of residents
  • Average value of properties
  • Concentration of student housing

Demographic mapping can be provided independently of our leaflet distribution services. Customers that are interested in obtaining demographics data for any areas in the United Kingdom should contact us on 01163668341 or email us.