Warwick Leaflet Delivery

Defenda Leaflet Distribution offers the best solution for companies and organisations that wish to target direct marketing and leaflet delivery in Warwick. Whether its leaflets, take-away menus, planning applications or mail shots for estate agents, Defenda Leaflet Distribution can offer a tailor-made solution.

With extensive, local knowledge of Warwick, where we operate almost daily, our delivery teams can provide either blanket coverage, coverage by area or specific demographic targeting, so that your leaflets are only delivered to your target audience.

Each of our leafleters are tracked individually, with this information updated in real-time to our website so that you can watch the leaflets being delivered on a map. Each delivery is also recorded with the exact time that the delivery took place so that you can guarantee all addresses have received the leaflets and can even provide the time if asked for proof. This has proven useful for property developers ensuring that all the information reaches the relevant households.

From the Woodloes to Chase Meadow and from Warwick Technology Park to the A46, we’ve got Warwick covered!
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