Defenda Leaflet Distribution has a fine track record, we have in fact been providing leaflet delivery services since 2001. Our transparency and attention to detail has been delivering results to clients that are unmatched by our competitors. The results & cost effectiveness of using Defenda's Leicester Leaflet Distribution as your leaflet delivery partner can be staggering, as our existing clients can testify.

With Live GPS tracked distribution, help with campaign planning & targeting your preferred market---our range of delivery services is often the best way to proactively attract new clients.

With strong ties to the Midlands and a detailed understanding of the area that can only come from operating here, we pride ourselves on making sure that a Defenda distribution campaign will be the most accurate, most transparent and most productive campaign you will have ever commissioned. Read more about our GPS tracking here.

So successful have our campaigns proved, many customers have diverted their newspaper advertising budgets to direct marketing, with our leaflet distribution services ranking high on their requirements.

Professional, well targeted distribution is always the key to succeeding with your campaign, to this end we also provide our customers with access to our demographic mapping tools so that they can ensure only the areas with high concentrations of their target audience are selected for delivery, saving considerable money on both printing and delivery costs & maximising response rates.

To find out more about our services and what we can do for your business, call us on 02476 465000 or email us.