Defenda Leaflet Distribution have been carrying out leaflet drops, direct marketing and circular distribution in Leicestershire since 2001. With extensive local knowledge of the area & employing many leafleters from Leicestershire, we provide the most efficient leaflet delivery service in the area with the highest rate of response.

How do we do this?

  1. Our leafleters actually deliver your leaflets. To prove this, we provide each of our distributors with a GPS tracker (not just per van, like other leaflet delivery companies) and access to a website with real-time updates showing the location of our trackers and to which households they have delivered your leaflets.
  2.  We provide a more focussed leaflet targeting than our competitors. With our exclusive demographic analysis system (developed in-house), we can help you target your leaflets to your customer demographic, helping you to delivery your leaflet, direct mail, or circular to places where your product or service are most relevant (read more about our demographic targeting here), with people who are most likely to want it.

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